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Pacific Institute of Resource Management

Can We Survive Climate Change?
Pete Hodgson
Overview of Government Policy on Climate Change.
Energy Minister, Climate Change, Forestry, Science Research and Technology.

Peter Barrett
Lessons from the past - a geological perspective.
Peter Barrett is Professor of Geology at Victoria University, Wellington.

Jill Cainey (replacement for Martin Manning)
Climate change summary - IPPC reports.
Jill Cainey, Climate Scientist, NIWA, Wellington.

Jim Salinger
Observed climate change, globally and regionally.
Jim Salinger is NIWA's Senior Climate Scientist in Auckland.

Penehuro Fatu Lafele
Pacific Island concerns (AOSIS).
Pacific Islands Climate Research officer, NIWA, Auckland.

Neil de Wet
Health concerns.
International Global Change Institute, University of Waikato

Ralph Sims
Mitigating climate change with renewable energy and efficiency.
Professor/director, Centre for Energy Research, Massey University, Palmerston North.

Edward Goldsmith
The urgency of change
Edward Goldsmith is the founding editor of 'The Ecologist'.

Chair - Dr Roderic Alley of Victoria University.

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